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Tammara Coleman

The Doula

Tammara Coleman, is the driving force behind The PreNeed Doula; a groundbreaking concept that seamlessly combines the intricacies of funeral pre-planning and standard {DYI} estate planning. Much like a birth doula provides unwavering support and guidance during the miraculous journey of childbirth, Tammara extends her expertise to assist individuals and families in pre-planning and preparing for funerals, while addressing their basic estate planning needs, here in Houston, Texas.

With a profound understanding of the sensitive nature of end-of-life arrangements, Tammara stands as a beacon of compassion and empathy. Her mission is to simplify the often complex process, making it as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Tammara's comprehensive approach to preneed and Do It Yourself (DIY) estate planning aims to empower individuals, ensuring their wishes are honored and protected.  

As a dedicated educator and advocate, Tammara strives to impart knowledge to individuals and families about the array of options available for advanced funeral planning and {DIY} estate planning. She provides valuable insights into various types of funerals, burial and cremation options, service personalization, and legal document requirements for basic DIY estate planning.

A licensed Life Insurance Agent, Certified Notary Public, and Estate Planning Advocate, Tammara brings a wealth of expertise to her role. While many individuals prefer to manage their estate planning independently, Tammara emphasizes the importance of seeking professional guidance when necessary. Her primary focus is to ensure that everyone faces the inevitability of life's final chapter with confidence and leaves behind a meaningful legacy. With unwavering dedication, Tammara believes that everyone deserves the dignity of a well-planned funeral and the protection of their property and legacy.

Tammara Coleman and The PreNeed Doula are your trusted companions on the journey to preneed and {DIY} estate planning. Their goal is to ease the burden on your loved ones, allowing them to focus on commemorating your life and legacy with the honor and respect it deserves. 

A plan and an action protects your family, and with Tammara's guidance, you can navigate this crucial aspect of life with confidence.

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