Preneed Insurance Policy

Many people pre-pay because funerals are expensive. In 2019, the national median cost of an adult funeral with a viewing and burial is now $7,640 ($9,135 with a vault). The cost for a funeral with a viewing and cremation is $5,150 without a cremation casket and urn, or $6,645 if these items are included.3 However, these figures do not include cemetery costs, flowers, acknowledgment cards, catering services, and more, which can easily push the total cost well beyond $10,000. Consequently, many people set aside funds in advance to avoid placing this financial burden on loved ones. For many individuals, paying for a funeral may be one of the most expensive single purchases they ever make, ranking only behind the purchase of a home and car. Unlike buying these items, however, most funeral purchases are made when buyers are emotionally vulnerable and lack the time, will, and information to compare and negotiate prices. By comparison shopping in advance, a person can choose exactly which goods and services he or she wants—and doesn’t want. 

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